Orchids & Veils is unique in its field as it provides full-service, wedding consultant services in an online forum. If you’ve always assumed affording a wedding planner was an impossibility….before now, it likely was!

Many traditional wedding consultants offer a service that builds in fees for overhead expenses, in-person consultations, and travel time. Fee structures based on this approach are variable instead of fixed; costing the client on average 10-20% of total wedding costs. In other words, the more features added to your wedding, the more profit goes into the consultant’s pocket. In contrast, free DIY sites might seem appealing. However, the tools they offer are completely self-managed and force their subscribers to do all the work; requiring them to keep track of every detail without any personalized help.


With Orchids & Veils, we wanted to offer the best advantages from each of the conventional methods and create a fresh, innovative wedding planning experience. Combining the customized assistance of traditional consultants with the budget-friendly, autonomous pace of DIY planning, Orchids & Veils makes it easy to design your special day. We operate with transparency, and therefore give our clients flat-rate pricing. Our goal is simple: Provide our expertise to address all your wedding needs at an affordable price. Most importantly, we never forget it’s your wedding and your input is the basis for all that we do. Instead of Do-It-Yourself…you can “Do-It-With-Help!” We can’t wait to help you plan your perfect wedding!