• What is Orchids & Veils?

We’re an online wedding consulting company.  There are many small details that make up a wedding, and those details require a lot of decisions…we help you make them.

  • Ok, so what does a wedding consultant do?

A wedding consultant wears many hats, from being an expert in wedding details, to family counselor, budget manager, arbiter of good taste, style and fashion consultant, problem solver, diplomat, and etiquette expert. A wedding consultant doesn’t do just one thing, but many.

  • How does Orchids & Veils provide this service?

At Orchids & Veils, our expert consultants will give you honest feedback based on experience of what works, what doesn’t; what color palettes look good together, and what clashes.  We’ll advise you on how to handle the overbearing future-in-laws, or the proper etiquette in asking your guests to leave children at home.  These are just a few examples of what we do.  Most importantly, we help you stay on track, on budget, and well-informed so you feel comfortable in all the wedding planning decisions you make.  Once you become a client, you will receive an invitation to access your personal online portal where you and your consultant will collaborate.  See our planning package page for specifics on the services available.

  • How is O&V different from other wedding services?

Well for starters, we aren’t traditional wedding planners.  In this modern age, a lot of the planning involved in weddings doesn’t require face-to-face time.  Much of it can be done remotely.  Therefore, we don’t feel the need to charge you a percentage of your total wedding cost just so you can see our lovely faces J.  We believe if a wedding is planned thoroughly and appropriately from the beginning (with our help, of course!), you can still have a fabulous wedding without overpaying for face time you don’t need.

  • Why should I pay for Orchids & Veils consulting when sites like Wedding Wire or The Knot are free?

This is really where Orchids & Veils separates from the pack!  Sites like Wedding Wire or The Knot are free because they ascribe completely to a Do-It-Yourself philosophy.  If you sign up for their free tools, be prepared to do everything yourself; without any personalized help or guidance.  You’ll be tracking your budget, your seating arrangements, guest lists, spending hours reading through reviews and comments, scouring message boards on how to craft complicated centerpieces, etc.  And you’ll be doing all these things alone.  It can quickly turn into an unpaid second job.  If you don’t mind spending endless time and energy in front of a computer, feel free to try the DIY sites.  But here at Orchids & Veils, we’d prefer you to enjoy the planning process rather than stress over it.  Why take on that burden alone when you can have professionals helping you?

  • What kind of expertise and experience do Orchids & Veils consultants have?

All of our consultants have taken intensive courses in wedding consulting, wedding planning, wedding etiquette, and honeymoon planning.  We are certified Wedding Planners with the Association of Bridal Consultants (ABC).  You can have confidence in knowing that you are hiring professionals, trained from a comprehensive program at the highest level of industry standards!

  • How often can I expect to communicate with my consultant?

That’s completely up to you.  If you’d like a more structured communication schedule, let your consultant know when you expect to receive updates or feedback.  Or, if you’d prefer a more agile exchange, feel free to email your consultant whenever you’re inspired!  Check back at your convenience to view any responses.

  • Do you have any promotions going on?

Yes!  For a limited time, receive a FREE Wedding Day Emergency Kit (valued over $50) when you purchase ANY planning package!  This kit is filled with all the essentials needed to thwart small disasters and get you through your big day.

  • Why do I have to sign a letter of agreement?

The contract protects our clients and our consultants by making sure all parties involved have a clear understanding of expectations before we get started.  After your initial consultation, you will be sent a letter of agreement to look over and sign.  Planning will not begin until all terms are agreed upon and the document is signed.

  • Can I pay in installments?

The progress of your planning is divided into 3 different phases: Initial, Intermediate, and Final phase.  Our clients have the option to:

  1. Pay in-full at the beginning of the process (Initial Phase)
  2. Pay one-third of the total fee at the beginning of Initial Phase (which will serve as a deposit), then pay the remaining balance before the next two phases commence.
  • What form of currency do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards (Visa, Discover, and MasterCard) and PayPal.

  • Is my information secure?

Absolutely.  We take all the standard precautions of an online commerce site and never sell your information to third-parties

  • A link on the site isn’t working/I still have more questions…where can I find help?

Send us an email at info@orchidsandveils.com and let us know!  We will rectify the situation as soon as possible.